Mercedes-Benz Unveils EQG Prototype At 2024 CES

January 19th, 2024 by


Mercedes-Benz unveiled its all-new EQG prototype at the 2024 CES technology show in Las Vegas. The German automaker had previously teased the all-electric G-Wagon with a promotional video highlighting its off-road capability and versatility. Now Mercedes is giving consumers a firsthand look at the prototype. As of late, Mercedes-Benz has been focused on EVs. The automaker has started constructing a series of charging stations throughout the southeastern United States in preparation for its EV lineup. While models like the G-Wagon will see electric variants, all-new EVs are on the horizon. Mercedes has not released any performance specifications for the EQG prototype, but we’ll take a closer look at the luxury SUV and see what consumers can expect. 

EQG Prototype Spotted At 2024 CES

Mercedes-Benz showcased its all-new G-Wagon EV at the 2024 CES technology show in Las Vegas. The all-electric luxury SUV was originally teased as the EQG concept which spawns the question of what the new electric G-Wagon will be called. The camouflaged prototype appears with ‘G-Class Prototype’ on its license plate but for the most part, Mercedes-Benz has dedicated its EQ line to its electric vehicles. Whichever name Mercedes decides, this firsthand look at the all-electric G-Wagon cements the fact that the all-electric SUV is coming soon. 

The latest teaser trailer for the all-electric G-Wagon highlighted its capability and versatility. In the promo video, the electric luxury SUV traverses through the Schockl mountains in Graz, Austria. The SUV undergoes several tests such as wading through water and performing a 360-degree turn which the automaker calls G Turn. The automaker also highlights that the electric G-Wagon will be equipped with four motors each of which will power an individual wheel. This will allow each wheel to access the SUV’s torque to better tackle off-road terrain.

The camouflaged EQG SUV featured a similar design to the one shown in the teaser video. A key difference however is its overall exterior design which featured a topographic map fading into electronic circuits. An indication of its electric underbody platform, the luxury SUV still carries that commanding presence embodied by the G-Wagon. The prototype also featured a rear-mounted spare tire hidden by a square cover. As far as performance details go, those specifications are still under wraps. We expect the electric EQG to debut later in 2024 but, for now, we’ll be staying tuned for more information. 


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Photo Credit: Mercedes-Benz