Mercedes’ Iconic G-Class Gets an Electrifying Facelift

October 4th, 2023 by


CarBuzz has recently reported on exciting developments within the Mercedes-Benz G-Class lineup, as outlined in a Business Insider Germany report. According to this information, Mercedes’ sales organization in Germany sent a letter to dealers on September 14, revealing that production of the current G-Class will conclude in Q1 2024. However, there’s no need to fret, as this upcoming year will bring us a refreshed G-Class, which not only marks the model’s 45th anniversary but also introduces the very first electrified G-Class to the world, known as the EQG.

The iconic G-Class, currently produced by subcontractor Magna-Steyr in Graz, Austria, is set to undergo significant changes in celebration of its milestone birthday. These changes, influenced by the development of the EQG, will include various design updates aimed at improving aerodynamics and reducing fuel consumption. While these alterations might not be immediately apparent to most customers, they represent a significant step forward for the G-Class.

Dr. Emerich Schiller, the individual overseeing the G-Class, explained that the subtle changes made for the EQG have had a remarkable impact on aerodynamics. These improvements, although initially designed for the electric version, will also benefit the combustion engine models when the facelift arrives next year. This translates to enhanced fuel efficiency, addressing one of the G-Class’s historical challenges. Currently, the 2023 G 550 and AMG® G 63 models are rated at 13 mpg city, 16 mpg highway, and 14 mpg combined, with the AMG® G 63 4×4 Squared slightly lower at 10 city, 12 highway, and 11 combined.

One of the remarkable aspects of this transformation is Mercedes’ philosophy: the G-Class is not merely an electric car; it remains a G-Class, available with a choice of petrol, diesel, or electric power. Despite the subtle aesthetic changes, the G-Class essence remains intact, offering versatility in powertrain options.

While spy shots have already hinted at the EQG’s unmistakable G-Class silhouette and distinctive circular DRLs (daytime running lights)  surrounding rectangular projector headlights, other changes are more nuanced. Specific bodywork adjustments remain concealed under camouflage, with subtle tweaks to intakes and grille mesh. Beneath the surface, prototypes have exhibited intriguing features, including a skid-plate-like panel beneath the rear bumper and varied rear axle configurations. These variations hint at the diverse powertrain options available for the all-electric EQG. Moreover, the EQG is expected to incorporate silicon anode chemistry within its battery pack, promising significant gains in driving range.

Beyond 2024, Mercedes-Benz has more surprises in store for fans of its G-shaped family, with the introduction of the baby GLG slated for 2026. These developments underscore the company’s commitment to innovation and its iconic G-Class, ensuring that it continues to be a symbol of luxury, power, and adaptability for years to come.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Mercedes-Benz Media Newsroom USA