Something Borrowed, Something Blue! Mercedes-Benz Customization Division Sports A New Name In Its Expansion

October 14th, 2021 by


Mercedes-Benz’s internal customization division is retiring its name Designo, and changing it to a new one: Manufaktur. This new moniker keeps this branch in line with the current G Manufaktur program for the G-Wagon pickup, along with the Exclusive Manufaktur options that were previously available. Originally available for the S-Class, the Maybach S-Class, the CLS and the AMG® GT 4-Door, the customization program will expand to input more models in due course, even those from the EQ division. 

Manufaktur’s central pull is its comprehensive range of paint options. Many of the shades that are available are borrowed from previous Mercedes-Benz models, decades before, such as Graphite Grey from the original 300SL and 1980 Olive Metallic. Meanwhile, other options involve contemporary satin finishes or hues that previously were only offered on either special editions or limited-run versions. This division also creates special finishes to the wheels and other external trim options, like surplus blacked-out features.

Additionally, there is an extensive amount of leather finishes and special trim materials. The automaker provides plenty of two-toned schemes that match black leather with a more opulent color like Yacht Blue or Pastel Yellow, while the seats get distinctive diamond stitching patterns. The steering wheel can also be customized in a matching multi-colored scheme. On posher models, buyers also get coordinating headrest pillows ornamented logos, as well as embellished floor mats. Regarding the interior, Manufaktur customizations include a distinctive script ornamented on the parcel shelf and on the center console in metal; This is finished in standard silver but also be decorated in gold or platinum.



One of the newly available features is an illuminated logo projector that switches on when the doors are opened. While we’ve seen these in vehicles for quite some time, including Mercedes-Benz, the one that Manufacturing is offering is animated. The front and rear doors come with four LCD projectors that shape out a Mercedes-Benz star (or Maybach double-M logo), which turns off after 10 minutes.


In order to present all of what the Manufaktur department has to offer, the German automaker constructed the S-Class plug-in hybrid (shown at the top), which has a China Blue finish. This 80’s color has seen a resurgence in its popularity, somewhat due to the adding of the G-Class color palette. The interior features a Deep White and Black arrangement, together with multi-toned steering wheels and headrests embellished with a silver Mercedes-Benz star. The wheels are black and have AMG® floor mats from the AMG® Line body kit.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Daimler Media