Mercedes-Benz Corporate Fleet

The Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program gives you the opportunity to use an exclusive incentive on the purchase or lease of a top-performing, premium vehicle.

Quality, above all.

When you buy a Mercedes-Benz, you know what you’re getting. It’s the best or nothing – a car that will stand the test of time and exhilarate your senses. Plus every vehicle comes with the following features:

  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance
  • 4 year/50,000-mile limited warranty
  • Active and passive safety features
  • Unmatched customer service

Superior Quality

Mercedes-Benz vehicles are unparalleled. They perform. They keep you safe. They last. They truly stand apart, and you will too.

Exceptional Value

With a wide range of incentives, a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle is now within reach.

Corporate Eligibility

If your company has 5 or more vehicles, we’ll find the right Mercedes-Benz for you.

Sales Info

Phone Number:Sales Hours:
  • Mon - Thu9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Fri9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
  • Sat9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • SunClosed

Corporate Fleet Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Fleet Program work?

In order to participate in the Fleet Program, business customers must be approved by MBUSA. Once approved, they can purchase vehicles through any authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. The fleet incentive must be used at the time of purchase or lease. To learn more, download the Official Program Rules.

Why do I need a Corporate Account Number (CAN)?

A CAN helps us track the sales of a company and facilitate the administration of incentives. Each approved business receives one CAN that can be used for all future corporate vehicle acquisitions that are made at any authorized Mercedes-Benz dealership.

How do companies obtain a CAN?

To qualify for a CAN, the company must have 5 or more vehicles (any make or model, owned or leased) currently registered in the company name. Registrations must be currently active. Apply for a CAN here. This Corporate Account Number (CAN) will be restricted to the Corporate Sales Program, and will only receive incentives for new vehicles that are registered to their corporate name.

How do the incentives work?

The fleet incentive must be used at the time of purchase or lease, by presenting your dealer with your Corporate Account Number (CAN), and/or your corresponding program form (if applicable). Incentives are non-transferrable and may only be used by the company employee. Incentive amounts are Model Year specific and are subject to change without notice. These incentives are only available on new and unregistered Mercedes-Benz vehicles. You can find them here.

Which models are available for purchase?

Fleet incentives are available on most, but not all models. View eligible vehicles and incentives here.

What is the Executive Allowance Bonus (EAB) program?

The Executive Allowance Bonus (EAB) program is an enhancement to our commercial fleet program – – EAB is offered to legacy accounts that were enrolled in the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Program prior to April 7, 2015 (Corporate Account Numbers that precede 021693). This program offers standard fleet incentives to executives, managers and sales representatives who receive an automobile allowance as part of their corporate compensation package. Mileage reimbursements do not qualify as an automobile allowance.

This program is no longer being offered to new accounts.

How can executives participate in the EAB program?

To participate in the EAB program, your company must first have an active Corporate Account Number (CAN) that was assigned prior to April 7, 2015 (i.e. a Corporate Account Numbers that precede CAN #021693). Then, you or your fleet manager must complete an EAB Enrollment Form. Download the form here.

Once approved, you will be sent an EAB Incentive Form with a Control Number. You can then visit any Mercedes-Benz dealership, present your form and purchase or lease a new vehicle.

Forgot your CAN number?

If you’re trying to retrieve your company’s CAN Number, call 1-866-628-7232.

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