Exquisite Details and Unparalleled Power: Exploring the Mercedes-AMG® G 63 ‘Grand Edition

July 13th, 2023 by


The Mercedes-Benz G-Class boasts impressive off-road capabilities and has gained popularity among both celebrities and affluent individuals who appreciate its status and luxury. The 577-hp AMG® G 63 variant, in particular, exudes a sense of extravagance, and the newly introduced Grand Edition elevates this experience to new heights.

Stylish Design and Nostalgic Features

The 2023 Mercedes-AMG® G 63 Grand Edition showcases a stylish and contemporary design that appeals to younger generations. The SUV’s sleek matte black paint (MANUFAKTUR Night Black Magno) paired with distinctive gold exterior accents creates a truly fashionable and eye-catching look.

The G-Wagen’s iconic and evergreen design, dating back to its original debut in 1979, exudes a bold and unmistakable presence. Drawing inspiration from the aesthetics of the past, the G 63 Grand Edition pays homage to the classic 1977 movie “Smokey and the Bandit,” where Burt Reynolds drove a black-and-gold Pontiac Trans Am.

The Grand Edition radiates a sense of nostalgia and sophistication with its captivating gold-colored decals and meticulously crafted multi-spoke wheels. These 22-inch forged wheels, adorned in Tech Gold, harmoniously complement the side graphics, creating an alluring visual harmony.

Mercedes-Benz takes pride in its attention to detail,  exemplified by the Affalterbach emblem in Kalahari Gold Magno, prominently adorning the hood. The meaning of this emblem is the left half is the coat of arms of Affalterbach, Germany, the city where the Mercedes-Benz headquarters are located

The G 63 Grand Edition effortlessly blends modern engineering with a hint of vintage allure, capturing the essence of luxury and elegance that has become synonymous with the Mercedes-Benz brand.

Meticulous Attention to Detail

The exquisite attention to detail in the Mercedes G 63 Grand Edition extends to its distinctive design elements. The iconic three-pointed star emblems, AMG® badges, and bumper details, as well as the ring encircling the rear-mounted spare tire carrier are all elegantly coated in the luxurious Kalahari Gold Magno finish.

Stepping inside, the Grand Edition welcomes occupants with an opulent interior adorned in black nappa leather, further accentuated by gold contrast stitching. This tasteful color combination also extends to the floor mats, enhancing the overall sense of refinement and exclusivity.

To further highlight its unique status, the Grand Edition features a specially crafted plaque positioned on the grab handle above the glovebox. The plaque elegantly showcases the “Grand Edition” inscription, with the letter “G” prominently emphasized, adding a clever touch that pays tribute to the renowned G-Wagen legacy.

The Mercedes G 63 Grand Edition masterfully combines luxurious aesthetics with thoughtful design elements, delivering an extraordinary driving experience that truly lives up to the G-Wagen’s iconic reputation.

Anticipation for Pricing and US Version

The G 63 Grand Edition has elicited diverse opinions, with some admiring its glitzy appeal while others may perceive it as gaudy. Embracing its exclusivity, the company has taken a deliberate approach, intending to offer only 1000 units of this limited-production model worldwide. As of now, specific pricing details remain undisclosed, and the company has yet to reveal information regarding a potential U.S. version, which will be revealed at a later date.

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Photo Source/Copyright: Mercedes AMG®