Mercedes-Benz Pushes the Boundaries of Automotive Technology With Carwash Function

December 13th, 2019 by

How Does the Mercedes-Benz Carwash Function Work?

How many vehicles do you know of have a carwash function? Well, probably not many. In fact, the carwash function from Mercedes-Benz is a new standard feature for the next generation of the Mercedes-Benz GLS. It’s one of many ways Mercedes-Benz elevates the driving experience by paying close attention to the details.

But, how does this Mercedes-Benz carwash function work? What does it do, exactly? Considering this is such a new feature, these are reasonable questions. Let’s explore the feature down below.

What the Carwash Function Does On Your Mercedes-Benz GLS

The carwash function exists for the purpose of ensuring that your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is kept safe and secure when it goes into a carwash. After all, there are all sorts of wands, hoses and brushes flying around your car when you enter a drive-through car wash. Most cars don’t have a way to optimize the vehicle’s exterior and stance to handle this, but the GLS does.

When the carwash function is activated, the system will automatically make some adjustments to your Mercedes-Benz, starting with activating the 360-degree camera to make it easier for you to safely enter the wash. In addition, the system adjusts the suspension to the highest position. This should help you avoid and bumps located within the carwash while also putting your vehicle in a better position for a more thorough underbody wash.

The system will also fold in the exterior mirrors to avoid any brushes or hoses that stick out just a bit too far, while also closing the die windows and sunroof just in case you forget to roll them up beforehand. Since the GLS uses a rain sensor to activate the windshield wipers, this feature will be turned off so your wipers don’t go crazy once the water starts spraying. For interior comfort, the climate control system will be set to air-recirculation mode.

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Nothing needs to be done to turn off the Mercedes-Benz carwash function, as it will do so automatically once you drive away and reach a speed above 12 mph. So, if you only the latest GLS, start using this awesome feature! If not, contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Washington to check one out for yourself.

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