Mercedes Protects Your Hearing WIth Its Quirky Pre-Safe Sound

May 7th, 2020 by


In the digital age and huge popularity with social media, some people like to try all kinds of weird and sometimes stupid tricks, namely the Cinnamon Challenge. However, the Mercedes-Benz company has a special trick up its sleeve as well, dubbed Pre-Safe Sound Pink Noise. This new feature that they are testing essentially blasts pink noise into the eardrums of the driver, causing them to make ready to a safe mode where they are more adapted to loud noise.

This concept is known as the ‘stapedius reflex,’ and Mercedes is utilizing this reaction is to act as an additional safeguard for its passengers.

The new test feature is initiated, when the electronic stability control machine senses that there may be an oncoming collision, and the vehicles sound system then gives off the 80-decibel blast of static-like noise.

Crashes can be loud and harsh, but not as startling as the pyrotechnic charges automakers use to set off airbags. Often times, policemen and soldiers enact “flash-bang” firecrackers to hold the attention of people when bustling into a room. In a similar sense, drivers can be riveted by the noise of the airbag disarmament and therefore might have just enough time to brace themselves so they can deal with the fallout of the crash.

According to Mercedes, the Pre-Safe Sound static noise provides commuters with a 40 percent reduction in noise exposure during the impact. The company claims that the reason for this is that sound can protect hearing by triggering the stapedius reflex, and a startling noise would cause the stapedius muscle to contract, therefore weakening the connection between the eardrum and inner ear, also blocking some sound pressure from the inner ear, therefore minimizing any damage. The company also says that its research has shown that there are a couple of seconds’ in warning for roughly two-thirds of all crashes, which makes way for the opportunity to help protect eardrums for a lot of its passengers.

“We hope our drivers and passengers never experience these features firsthand, but as an industry leader for safety innovations, Mercedes-Benz wants to ensure the appropriate systems are in place to help prevent or reduce the severity of accidents for everyone on the road,” said spokesperson Catherine Gebhardt.

On YouTube, you can find driver Chris O’Neill from Autotrader as he takes the opportunity to test the Pre-Safe Sound during an off-road test with a Mercedes SUV. Don’t worry, he’s not going to crash for the sake of this video, but he does get a bit sideways while on his journey, and his reaction to the Pink Noise feature is nothing short of priceless!

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