The Interior Assistant In Your Mercedes-Benz Is a New Level of Luxury

December 30th, 2019 by

What Can the MBUX Interior Assistant Do?

You may have a secretary or executive assistant at work, but how nice would it be to have your own personal assistant for every aspect of life? It would be pretty great, wouldn’t it? Well, Mercedes-Benz seemed to think so as well, which is why one of the world’s most innovative automakers developed the MBUX Interior Assistant.

The Interior Assistant goes beyond some of the basic functions found in other vehicles. You know what we’re talking about… the voice requests that give you navigation directions or read your texts for you. Any new Mercedes-Benz can do that, and then some.

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Mercedes-Benz Interior Assistant Functions

The MBUX Interior Assistant goes well beyond that with some interesting functions that combine physical hand movements in the car with the display screen. This is done via a camera that is mounted at the front of the vehicle’s interior, which monitors movements from both the driver and the front passenger.

Whenever this camera detects that a person is reaching their hand toward the vehicle’s touch screen or Touchpad, it will indicate to the system that display changes need to be made. In doing so, certain elements will be highlighted for easier selection.

Moreover, hand gestures can now be used to control your vehicle’s infotainment system, not just pressing physical our touch screen buttons. One example of this is the reading lamp, which can be switched on by the simple movement of a passenger or driver reaching the hand out toward the rearview mirror. This technology can be customized through the use of a “favorite” function, in which both the driver and front passenger can program a “favorite” action that becomes initiated when the person gives the correct motion, which is a horizontally outstretched index and middle finger.

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There is no doubt the Interior Assistant capabilities of the MBUX system show how Mercedes-Benz is at the forefront of vehicle technological advancement. To learn about future advancements, check back to the Mercedes-Benz of Washington blog.

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