Tips for Driving On Icy Roads That Cause Your Car to Skid

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What Does It Mean to Steer Into a Skid?

Winter is quickly approaching, whether we want it to or not. That means the roadways will become a little icier, a little slicker, and quite a bit more dangerous. It’s important to know how to handle a number of winter driving dangers before heading out on the road, and one of those is how to properly control your vehicle in the case of a skid.

Now, most of us have probably heard that typical advice of “steer into the skid.” You may have heard your parents tell you that when you were first learning to drive, or a driver’s education instructor. But, when you seemingly have no control over your vehicle, how do you really know which way your car is skidding? What does it actually mean to steer into a skid?

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Pay Attention to the Rear Wheels

When skidding on ice, it can be tough to know exactly which direction you are skidding. Generally speaking, your car is simply starting to flip around, about to do a 180-degree turn.

So, the easiest way to approach it is to pay attention to your rear wheels. If the rear of your car starts sliding to the right, then steer to the right. If the rear of your car starts to slide left, then steer to the left.

Tips for Driving During a Skid On Ice

These steering maneuvers should be made gently. You don’t want to make any sudden jerks of the steering wheel that could result in the car overcorrecting and going into a new skid or causing you to fully lose control of the vehicle.

In addition, if you feel your car going into a skid, it’s often best to slowly release your foot from the gas pedal. You can use the brake pedal if you have to, but be cautious with that as well, as applying too much of the brake too quickly can simply result in another skid. If you can regain control of the car without the use of pedals, this is ideal, so that way you can begin braking or applying the accelerator when you have control of your vehicle.

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