Mercedes-Benz Reveals All-Electric G-Wagon

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Mercedes-Benz finally unveiled the upcoming all-electric G-Wagon. The German automaker had teased the all-electric SUV several years ago, but now there is an official video showcasing the electric G-Wagon’s capabilities. Known for its off-road prowess, many had high hopes that the electric version of the G-Wagon would live up to the reputation of its gas equivalent. Mercedes’ latest video puts those worries to rest. The automaker has poured a lot of resources into EVs lately. Just recently, Mercedes-Benz completed its first charging hub in the United States. With plans to develop a network of charging stations throughout the southeastern US, Mercedes is eyeing an electric future. We’ll take a closer look at the automaker’s latest video and see what consumers can expect from the battery-powered G-Wagon.

Mercedes-Benz Shows Off All-Electric G-Wagon

Mercedes-Benz has officially revealed the all-electric G-Wagon in its latest video release. The German automaker teased an electric version of the iconic G-Wagon several years ago, and now it is finally here. In the video, we see the prototype electric G-Wagon showing off its off-road prowess. Fans of the G-Wagon love the luxury SUV’s performance and off-road capabilities. Many feared that an electric equivalent would not fare as well. Looking at Mercedes’ latest video, there is nothing to fear.

Mercedes’ chief engineer, Fabian Schossau, provides commentary as the prototype G-Wagon EV traverses through the Schockl mountains in Graz, Austria. Considered the birthplace of the G-Class, these mountains provide the perfect testing ground for the electric G-Wagon. In the video, we see the battery-powered SUV perform a number of assessments such as wading through water. We also see the electric G-Wagon perform a 360-degree turn, which the automaker deems G Turn. All in all, the electric SUV proves to be just as durable and tough as its gas equivalent. 

Although Mercedes-Benz released a video showcasing the electric G-Wagon, there still isn’t much information on the SUV. The automaker has yet to confirm any powertrain details. What we did learn however is that the prototype seen in the video is equipped with four motors each of which powers an individual wheel. This allows each wheel to access the SUV’s torque to better tackle off-road terrain. So far, the electric G-Wagon looks promising. We will have to wait for Mercedes to expand on its battery options as well as its range capabilities. For now, G-Wagon fans can rejoice that the luxury SUV will live on. 


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